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Your Guide To Becoming A Money Magnet In 30 Days

How often have you struggled with feeling like there isn’t ever enough money?


‘I want to buy that but I don’t have enough money’

‘If only I could win the lottery.’

‘I have this amazing idea for a business but I am not making the income I want.’


‘Paying bills stresses me the f*ck out.’

“Ugh, I’d LOVE to go on that vacation but I just can’t afford it.”


“I could NEVER charge THAT for my services!”


“I really wish my business was making more so I could get that new program/desk chair/software.”


“OMG, I can’t raise my rates. What if nobody buys?!”


‘How the heck do I ever get ahead?’


Sound familiar? How many of these thoughts cross your mind on a regular basis? Aren’t you sick and tired of constantly struggling with money and never having enough? Guess what! It’s time to stop waiting and start living.


If you are excited to transform your money story and activate your abundance enroll in the course today

I’m on a mission to show babes it is possible to have the income of their dreams and to enjoy all of the freedom that comes with it.

Every time a bill came in I would stress. My husband and I would fight over what things we would have to cut back on or cancel. I would cry because my pants had holes in them and we didn’t have the money to buy new clothes. We weren’t able to take a vacation for 5 years because all of our money was going to bills.

The minute I changed my relationship with money everything changed.

In less than a year I went from 20k in credit card debt, struggling to make ends meet and stressed to the max TO paying off my credit card, having the extra income to take my family on vacations, remodel my bathroom, uplevel my business, buy the clothes I wanted and be able to go out to dinner whenever we wanted.


So, how did I do it? How did I go from broke to abundant? The secrets of how I changed my relationship with money and started calling money in with ease are jam-packed into this program. You’ll learn how to open your receiving valve and start making the income you crave.


Abundance Activation is designed to get you out of the money rut so that you can find your way to financial abundance.

Over the next 30 days, we will do some deep work around:

  • Your Beliefs Around Money – Find out through this program and the exercises I share how to narrow down the limiting beliefs that are keeping your broke. Figure out how to identify and blast through them so you can become the wealthy woman you are meant to be.


  • Your Money Ceiling– I’ll show you how to effectively let go and forgive your triggers that cause you to stress out about money. You’ll learn how to handle situations when sh*t happens and how to blast through your money ceiling so you can start magnetizing more money than you thought possible.


  • Your Receiving Valve – We’ll go over how to feel good about having money fall into your bank account and all it to multiple so you can prosper financially.


  • Creating Money – I’ll dive into how you can create money and opportunities even if you haven’t started your business yet so you can start having the freedom to buy the things you want.  


  • Wealthy Woman Meditation – You will get lifetime access to my ultra high vibe meditation so you can relax and know the money is flowing to you in so many ways.




Note: Abundance Activation is group coaching program for the serious biz babe who is ready to let go of the struggle with money! This program is for the babe who is ready to get clarity around her finances and the dream income she has for her life. She wants to get real about her finances and stop ignoring her bills or crosses her fingers hoping everything back. She is ready to get unblocked and finally get confident and let go of her worries and fears around money so she can open herself up to alignment - the place where creativity soars and opportunities are endless. This program is everything I learned while changing my money mindset. I’m not holding ANYTHING back, babe; it’s all here for you.



This program is only for women who are SERIOUS about changing how they feel about money.


Each week, you will go through the assignments and trainings in the program. There is no one holding you accountable other than yourself, so print out the available schedule and hold yourself to the trainings and homework.


This program is for the babe who is ready to start living her dreams. Each of the sessions is recorded so that you can revisit it afterward. The online course, “Abundance Activation” will be available to you for life.


You’ll have lifetime access to all of the trainings in the program. This course is where you’ll find your trainings, homework and assignments each and every week. All of the trainings are on video and will have an audio file so you can download and listen to them on the go.


My intention in creating the Abundance Activation program is to shift and stretch you to even higher levels of thought. By month’s end, you will completely reprogram your mindset and beliefs around money.


You Get

20 Video Trainings

Audio of All Trainings

PDF Guides

Journal Prompts

All Slides from the Training

EFT/Tapping Video

Abundance Meditations

4 Live Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom

Money Blocks Detox with Essential Oils

Trusting the Universe Masterclass

5 day Money Manifesting Trainings

Crystal Grids for Prosperity Training




Early Bird Price $555

Regular Price $777

*Payment plans available

Are there payment plans available?
Yes! There are 2 month and 3 month payment plans available. 

How long do I have to view the course?

You will have lifetime access to all course materials and will have access to any changes or updates made to the course. 

Do you offer any refunds?

Do to the nature of the course I do not offer any refunds. 

When will the course be available? 

The first module will be available April 15th. Each module will be come available the following three Mondays.  

Hey Gorgeous!

I’m Jennifer Donovan, a Spiritual Life and Business Coach and I help women create the life and business they crave. I personally have struggled with overcoming mental blocks in business and wanting more clients but something kept stopping that from happening. In 2016 I became obsessed with manifesting and learning all there is to learn about the Law of Attraction. I quickly started manifesting clients, business partners, gift cards, and money! It became my passion to help other entrepreneurs get unstuck in their life and blast through their blocks preventing them from manifesting the life of their dreams with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

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