Magic awaits you.…

 Magic awaits you.…

Are you ready to amplify your intuition, receive messages from Spirit and channel on demand with absolute certainty?

A magical self-paced program that will help you amplify your intuition, deepen your connection to your Spirit Team, receive messages and channel on-demand with certainty.


A magical self-paced program that will help you amplify your intuition, deepen your connection to your Spirit Team, receive messages and channel on-demand with certainty.


Do you feel called to connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Galactic Beings and Your Higher Self on a deeper level?

Having a deep connection with your Spirit team and being able to Channel on demand with certainty starts with… 

  • Ensuring your energetic field is squeaky clean so when you open up that channel, it is clean, clear, and accurate so you can receive the messages fully.
  • Opening up all of your energy centers & intuitive channels so the messages can flow easily.
  • Learning how to interpret the different ways your Spirit Team communicates with you. 

Inside The Channel we will:

🔮 Open and amplify the 4 main intuitive clair abilities (see, hear, feel, know) and clear anything in the way of you having a deep connection with your intuition so that you can support your clients deeper, know the exact next moves in your business and make more money and sales.

🔮 Learn my unique process to protect and keep your energy clean so that the only beings you connect with are of the highest light and vibration.

🔮 Channel your Spirit Team and beings from other realms/dimensions.

🔮 Fine tune your frequency and connection with each spirit guide to know for certain where the messages are coming from and what is being delivered.

🔮 Learn how to use tools such as your psychic directory, a pendulum, oracle cards and tarot so you can always get the answers you are looking for.

🔮 Discover the Akashic Records and learn how to open, read, and close the records to help yourself and/or clients access the past, present and future.

🔮 Channel written content, offers and programs that attract dream clients (we’re talking more sales and people buying than ever before).

🔮 Clear everything in the 5D that is creating resistance to you receiving massive amounts of money, being seen by more clients, and showing up in your full power. (say good-bye to witch and healer wounds, past life & galactic trauma, and any contracts or vows).


Does this sound like you?

  • You second guess the feelings and messages you receive and wonder if you are just making them up in your head. 
  • You struggle to always have a clear connection with your Spirit Team and feels like a hit or miss.  
  • You’ve tried asking for signs, meditating, and praying but still don’t know what they are trying to tell you 
  • You want to be able to support your clients even deeper and know the exact thing to say or do to help them have their next breakthrough.  
  • You desire to know exactly the next steps to take in your life and business. 

Just imagine where you could take your life and business if you focused on your intuition

Meet Jennifer Donovan

Jennifer is a highly sought after Psychic Business Coach. Through my unique blend of combining psychic channeling, energetic reprogramming, marketing and simple sales strategy. She helps female entrepreneurs amplify their intuition, become magnetizing AF, and make fuck tons of money in their business in the most fun, aligned, and easeful way.

What's inside

Immediate access to all current trainings.

 Access to all future trainings and guest speakers.

Private Facebook community to connect with the other members, practice, ask questions, and receive support.


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