It’s time to ditch your emotional baggage!

It’s time to stop being stuck in fear, pain, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage so you can have the business and life you want.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Have a gut feeling that you are being held hostage by negative events and experiences you have had in the past?

  • Do you have a short-fuse and overreact to innocent remarks or comments?

  • You're working hard on your business, but not seeing the results you want. You know something is holding you back but you’re not sure what it is -- perhaps a past experience?

  • You have to much in your head, you can hardly get clear on what you want, and when you think you do, you talk yourself out of it -- maybe a pattern of being wishy-washy or indecisive?

  • You have a sense of a hunch you have 'picked up' your parents karma around money problems, bad business choices, and how relationships are handled or not.

  • You want to have a bigger and more exciting life—to travel or maybe take on a large ambitious project like writing a book. Buy you feel too anxious to make any changes to the life you have now.


I have good news that you may find surprising. The reason you’re feeling this way is because your negative emotions that you have experienced in the past are trapped.

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Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: FREE

Wellness Consultation

It’s time to stop being stuck in fear, pain, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage so you can have the business and life you want. The path to your new reality is within healing past emotional baggage, imbalances in the body and spirit, releasing old karmic cycles and healing generational wounds. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $250

Energy Healing Session

4 Energy Healing Sessions for the optimal healing. Ditch your emotional baggage for good and start living the life you've always dreamed of.

Duration: 4, 60 minute sessions

Cost: $800

4 Session Package

Do you ever feel like as soon as you get ahead financially something happens to bring you back down? Do you struggle making or keeping money? Then this is the perfect program for you Blast away your money blocks for good and start attracting more of it into your life. This program is designed for anyone that is struggling with attracting money. 

Duration: 4, 60 minute sessions

Cost: $800

Abundance Breakthrough

Blast away your money and business blocks for good. Start attracting the clients, referrals, opportunities and money you've been dreaming about. Perfect for entrepreneurs, network marketers or anyone that is struggling attracting money. To learn more click HERE

Duration: 8, 60 minute sessions

Cost: $1,800

Business Breakthrough
Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a session and how does this healing modality work?

First I make a remote energetic connection with you, then using kinesiology (muscle testing) I work with your subconscious to identify and release negative energy that’s gotten stuck in your body. Over time this energy can cause physical illness or pain, as well as other issues like anxiety, PTSD, depression or panic attacks. Using healing modalities such as Reiki, Aka Dua, Emotion and Body Code, Court of Atonement and other modalities are used to support each client in a whole body healing. 

For each session, I’ll release as many trapped emotions and imbalances as your subconscious will allow, which varies by individual. 

What sort of issues can Energy Healing help me with?

Energy Healing can help you release any trapped emotions and imbalances in the body that could be affecting your personal and professional life including (but not limited to) mental and physical health, relationships, business and creativity.

Why are essential oils used during my session?

Essential oils are extremely powerful and can help with many issues both physically and emotionally. They can support the body with releasing emotions easily and reduce processing symptoms. They also help to raise the body's vibration and energetic level which will help to manifest more good things into your life. To learn more about essential oils click HERE

How long are my sessions?

Standard sessions are 60 minutes long. 

How are the sessions held?

The sessions take place virtually, either by phone or Zoom. Email sessions can be done upon request.

What equipment do I need to participate in this session?

All you will need is a telephone. Of course, if you prefer to do the sessions by Zoom then you’ll need a computer, tablet or mobile phone that has a video camera and a pair of microphone headphones. (The ones that come with your cell phone are fine.)


What do I need to do to prepare for our sessions?

You may want to be in a quiet, relaxing space at the appointed time, but it is not necessary. All you really need to do is be open to healing. Come prepared with a list of topics that you would like to work on.  You also want to be well hydrated by drinking water before and during the session.

What does it mean to “process” after a session?
For the first 48-72 hours after a session your body will need to reorganize and integrate into the new energy. During this time most people feel lighter and happier after a session and have no negative effects from processing. However just be aware that about 20% of people have some processing symptoms like feeling more tired than usual, vivid dreams, feeling “out of sorts”, or being a little more emotional than typically. 

To assist your body with processing, drink lots of water, eat healthy and get plenty of rest. Baths with Epsom or pink salts will also assist with processing.

A small percentage of individuals may also experience symptoms of detox

All these things are a normal part of processing, however should you have questions or concerns please email me—and of course seek professional medical advice when appropriate.

What does the Business Blocks Breakthrough include?

Based on your needs I will remove the trapped energy and imbalances contributing to the following:

➤ Your limiting beliefs about your business success
➤ Your anxiety about your business
➤ The limited 'earning ceiling' that your subconscious mind has set
➤ The blocks stopping you from increasing your monthly sales/revenue
➤ Blocks to attracting NEW clients
➤ Blocks to attracting ideal referrals
➤ Blocks to attracting opportunities to build your business
➤ Inherited money habits and beliefs your parents had
➤ The negative effects of past business failures/problems
➤ Your procrastination habits stopping you from getting things done
➤ Your creativity blocks to writing, problem solving etc.